Drosselmeyer - The Nutcracker. Voted 'Best in Test' by Which?

Drosselmeyer - The Nutcracker. Voted 'Best in Test' by Which?

Voted 'Best in Test' by Which?

And we can understand why! They grow in popularity year on year - especially at Christmas due to them being the perfect gift.

"Overall, we couldn't find anything to criticise about the Drosselmeyer. It was far and away the best nutcracker we tested."

For years, Viceni have been proud distributor of Drosselmeyer products. Originating in Sweden, this designer homeware brand are known for their simplicity in design, quality manufacturing and ease of use products.

They're a great tactile product offering and a fantastic talking point with customers. Display with some nuts and encourage customers to experience how easy it is to use, feel its robust design and see how it collects the shells for a mess-free experience.

Whilst they noted Amazon's retail prices at the time were the best on the market, we're able to sell to you at a wholesale cost which can compete with their prices.

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