How to Set-up a Radio Controlled Clock

Radio Controlled clocks receive a signal from a transmitter in Cumbria. This signal is sometimes distorted if you live in a valley, in an old building with thick walls or in a new steel structure. What we've found is if you put the batteries in at 8pm and leave the clock it will see itself overnight by the time you wake up in the morning, the clock will be set perfectly; as there's less radio interference over night.
When you insert the batteries, the hands will go all around the clock face, stop and wait at 12, then go round to 4, then stop, then go round to 8 and then stop, then go round to 12, then stop. If it's the afternoon the hands will then go all around the clock face once and then part way round the face for a second time. This is all part of the clock setting the time and is quite normal. The clock may take up to 24hrs to set itself.

Unity Radio Controlled Wall Clock

If your clock isn't setting itself, please try a new, unused good quality battery, put the clock close to a window and leave it to set itself over night. If the clock still doesn't work, please try a second new and unused batter to ensure it's not an issue with the battery.
Please see the following link for more information: AND Please check the Radio Controll Signal Status Page here to ensure there's no service issues: