Nextime are a family owned company who have been designing and making clocks for over fifty years. NeXtime are a Dutch company who produce more than 500,000 clocks every year and distribute worldwide.

How it started..

  • In 1970, Hans and Hannie Frie established the company, named Alma. The outstanding craftsmanship and strong designs of Alma’s mechanical clocks and of its exclusive brand “Christiaan Huygens” soon received international recognition. This small, family-owned Dutch company has expanded its business selling clocks around the globe since then. 
  •  When Alain joined the family business he started at the bottom. He worked on the production floor. He learned every aspect of making a clock. As he was going through all the aspects of his parent’s clock making business, he realised that the clock industry was rapidly developing and shifting focus from the traditional mechanical clocks to strong contemporary clock designs. It was the beginning of the transformation from Alma into the company, as we know it today, NeXtime.
  • Dutch Design can be characterised as minimalist, playful, innovative, quirky, and humorous. “Dutch design is simple and powerful” says Alain Frie, The current CEO of NeXtime who worked with designers to bring in creativity and life to clocks when clocks were usually considered time telling devices only. NeXtime, the brand, has become a market leader for contemporary design and style
  • The collection of clocks that have made a signature mark on the company have evolved over the years. There are glass clocks like “Spinning Time” and “Test Page” There are also everlasting designs like, “Plug Inn”. One of the trademark clocks is named, “Beauty”, it beautifully encompasses the 40 year anniversary with its mechanical movement in a contemporary design, designed by the founding father: Hans Frie.
  • The NeXtime office is based in the Netherlands. A small country in Europe known for its cheese, windmills and tulips. The NeXtime office in Haarlem was built to combine office, warehouse and production use. Production of clocks was moved to China in the beginning of 2000 and then in 2004, the Hong Kong office started to operate.
  •  The road to a successful NeXtime clock design starts with an idea. The designers continuously balance creativity, concepts, freeform thinking with the practical, industrial constraints to finally producing them. This requires knowledge of production processes, materials and technology. NeXtime believe that every clock design in the collection is a special way to say “We Love Clocks”  
The Essential Collection -  The Essential collection stands for creativity, diversity, passion & originality and is marked by;
  •  Affordable Design 
  • Clocks with silent movement 
  • Quality materials 
  • Special material combination
The Station Collection - Clocks from our Station collection are;
  •   Functional with style!
  •   Best known and popular for its clear display of time
  •   Mix of different sizes, colours and index
  •   High quality movements
nXt collection  -  The nXt collection is about different basic styles, affordable prices and versatile ideas.
NeXtime Alarms & Digital - The NeXtime Alarm & digital collection represents function and style. Alarm clocks that wake you up not keep you up!
NeXtime Gold - The NeXtime Gold Collection is an exclusive, high end collection for special designs. 

NeXtime, Clocks for every interior!

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